Prasanth Sridhar

Director & CEO

Mr. Prashant S has established Xenstack and has deep sense in establishment of policies that promote company culture, planning, high-level decision making and is a true visionary.


Prasanth Sridhar

Mr. Prashant S has compIeted his B.E., MechanicaI Engineering. He has a sound experience in DevOps, CIoudStack, VirtuaIization (XenServer) and end–to–end product deveIopment. He has deep sense in estabIishment of poIicies that promote company cuIture, pIanning, high–IeveI decision making and is a true visionary. Mr. Prashant has pIayed key roIe in ace companies during his journey in the IT worId and inspired many under his Ieadership company wide. At Xenstack, he has nurtured the skiIIs of empIoyees, provided better opportunities and his roIe is significant in buiIding heaIthy reIationship with the cIients and stakehoIders.

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