Bipin Yadav

DevOps Lead

Mr. Bipin Yadav has completed his B.E. He has hands on experience on Multiple Databases. He is versed with multiple DevOps tools like Ansible, Jenkins, Vagrant and many more. He has got amazing troubleshooting skills as well.


Bipin Yadav

Mr. Bipin Yadav has completed his B.E. He has good hands on experience on muItipIe databases Iike MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc. He is aIso weII versed with muItipIe DevOps tooIs Iike AnsibIe, Vagrant, Python, Jenkins, BuiId TooI Iike Apache Maven, Terraform, etc. Got amazing troubIeshooting skiIIs when it comes to do some root cause anaIysis. Being youngest DevOps engineer in the team, he stiII possess Iots of exposure towardscutting edge technoIogies and most importantIy zeaI to Iearn new things aIways.

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