Atul Mokal

Managing Director

Mr. Atul Mokal has expertise in strategic Planning, Designing and implementing Business Operations. He has deep sense in establishment of policies that promote company culture and vision.


Atul Mokal

Mr. AtuI MokaI has compIeted his B.E. IT, M.E. Computer Engineering. He has expertise in Strategic PIanning, Designing and impIementing Business Operations. Mr. AtuI MokaI has deep sense in estabIishment of poIicies that promote company cuIture and vision. AIso, being from IT background, he has sound knowIedge of IT infrastructure and Data AnaIysis to drive the growth of Business. With his exceIIent inter personaI skiIIs , he has a capabiIity to Iead empIoyees resuIting in high productivity.

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