Installing flat files in S3 bucket !

Ever Imagined how to share your files using amazon web services.

How to install Flat Files in AWS S3 buckets

Once you log in into your AWS console, you will have to search for S3 which is a storage service.

From Your AWS console select S3 and create a bucket, note that one can create 100 buckets per account.

Now, create one bucket by clicking on create bucket option and do all the necessary configurations regarding the S3 bucket.

Once you create the bucket with desired name (My bucket name here is “snehalxenstack”), you will find the screen like this.

Click on your bucket name and upload the data which you want to store in your bucket and access it anytime.

Then, click on the uploaded file, you will find actions in the right-hand corner “object actions”, Click on the drop down and Hit on “makepublic”

To access your data, click on that object URL you will find yourdata here, to share your file you can copy the object URL and send it across.

My Object URL: https://snehalxenstack.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/Abstarction.txt

If I open the URL, my file would be displayed.

The notepad above was the file I uploaded and once I click on the object URL it would be visible to me.

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